Our New Hemp Line

Posted by Patrick Groft - Founder on Nov 21st 2016

Our New Hemp Line

We are thrilled to finally roll out our first wave of Hemp products


The Hempy Disc, Sack, and Pouch are now available!


Hemp is a far superior natural fiber than cotton for strength and durability and it’s much better for our earth because it uses substantially less water and pesticides to cultivate. BTW, you can't smoke hemp – it’s the industrial plant, not the marijuana - and it has no psychoactive properties. A simple google search on why hemp over cotton will yield thousands of hits including its historical importance.

For now, hemp products are more expensive than cotton but as state and local governments continue to approve growing initiatives, hopefully the day will come when industrial hemp is readily available in The US.

**Note that at this time most of our hemp products are 50% (the cream color thread) and 50% cotton (the green thread). We will evolve to greater hemp concentrations in 2017.

Check out the hempy products in our store