Get Involved


Have a shop and want to sell our Fair Trade Fun?  For just over $200 you can get a great starter kit with free display rack and other tools for success.  While we are open to any type of quality dealers our best shops normally are:
1. Outdoor gear, hiking camping shops.
2. Quality toy shops.
3. Fair Trade/High End gift shops with a global focus
4. Kite/Juggling shops.
5. Team sports stores
6. Book shops with a sideline/toy area.
However we have such a wide variety of partner stores there are too many to list but they range from organizations like Heifer International to mom and pop coffee shops. Bike rentals to adventure guides.  Sock shops to baby stores... bottom line is if you have a fun staff that engages your customers, you probably would sell our line very well.  Emails us at for an e-catalog link and a suggested opening order based on your clientele.  

Online dealers
While we are not accepting any Amazon resellers, we do work with web dealers who sell elsewhere.  All we ask is you honor our MAP and use our action shots and videos to bring the product to life.

Want to peddle Pocket Discs at some music, art, street, and other types of festivals? From Bonnaroo to Bumbershoot, the Hangout to Kaaboo, we've done more festivals than we can count and the results are nearly the same - smiles and sales.  Normally our only foe is the rain, so apart from that variable, you can earn a nice profit while having a blast of a weekend or evening, meeting all sorts of crazy characters and spreading the fun.  Email us at  to learn how you can help make miles of smiles.
Schools, Churches, Scouts, and all sorts of other organizations have used the Pocket Disc line to fund their projects.  With about a month lead time we can also make custom co-branded discs for your organization. Email us at  to learn how to get started.
Disc Golf/Ulitmate TDs
You a tournament director and looking for cool, customizable swag for the players bag or merch tent?  From the Glass Blown Open to the PDGA amateur worlds, we've provided custom pocket discs.  Happy to talk about your event.